The INSTRUMENTS division proposes equipment, measuring instruments and technologies for quality control in production line, metrology laboratory and construction sites.

Part of the products are designed and manufactured directly by RODER in its laboratories.

In cases where the technology used by the measuring instrument is already on the market, and therefore important manufacturers with consolidated products and instruments are already present, RODER markets third-party products.

The partners chosen for marketing are only and exclusively important companies with international visibility, with consolidated and certified production methods, but above all with a technologically competitive product portfolio with a high quality / price ratio .

The INSTRUMENTS division also proposes itself as a technological partner for the initial configuration of the product, the installation of the instrument, periodic calibration and any repair service.

Industrial LASER distance meters

LASER distance meters for distance measurement applications in industrial, port, railway and geological environments. Measuring instruments for measurements from a few meters up to 3 Km. Models with visible or infrared laser beam. Remote data transmission with serial ports, fieldbus, Ethernet networks or analog signals. Possibility of data transmission via wireless networks or over the internet with remote monitoring with software and datalogger.

Caps torque transducers

Torque meters for caps for torsion measurements in the production line or in the metrology laboratory. Models with memorization of the opening or closing torque peak. Data acquisition with software and measurement report generation with batch and product code traceability.

Linear position transducers

Torque meters for caps for torsion measurements in the production line or in the metrology laboratory. Models with memorization of the opening or closing torque peak. Data acquisition with software and measurement report generation with batch and product code traceability.

Ultrasonic thickness gauges

Ultrasonic thickness gauges for thickness measurement operating on one side of the material. Designed for the corrosion analysis of tanks, pipes, heavy carpentry.

Xenon and LED stroboscopes

Traditional Xenon stroboscopes or with LED sources for the monitoring of fast movements or for determining the rotation speed of moving parts. Models for fixed installation with adjustment arm or portable with battery power. Wide range of accessories and models for applications in the field of printing, preventive maintenance, metrological laboratory and quality control in the industrial sector. Models with neutral white light or with ultraviolet emission for printing control on inks and fluorescence markers. Models with external trigger for synchronization with rotating parts or photocells and process proximity.

Digital comparators

Digital comparators with or without data output for connection to statistical analysis systems or data loggers. Models with wireless data transmission.

Bench torque transducers

Bench torque transducers for the calibration of torque wrenches or for the verification of starters. Wide range of models and accessories

Contact thickness gauges

Contact thickness gauges (fork type) for the measurement of films, carpets, tapes, even in motion or easily deformed.

LASER micrometers

LASER micrometers for non-contact measurements of diameters, ovalizations or straightness. Monoaxial, biaxial, triaxial, quadriaxial LASER micrometers. Static and dynamic LASER micrometers.

Contact micrometers

Contact micrometers for thickness, diameter or width measurements. Contact micrometers with millesimal precision and with pressure regulation friction.


Altimeters for height or size measurements that can be derived from a 2-point height measurement (diameters, width, positions, parallels, flatness, curvature).

Magnetic thickness gauges

Magnetic thickness gauges for measuring coatings, galvanic coatings or surface treatments.


Bore gauges for measuring the internal diameter of rings, cylinder liners, holes in general.

Depth gauges

Depth gauges for measuring the depth or height of mechanical parts.


Digital dynamometers for measuring weights or traction on anchoring elements.

Portable torque transducers

Portable torque transducers for torsion measurements on elements that are not easily transportable or positioned in control points where it is necessary to operate with a portable instrument.

Linear transducers

Linear transducers and pencil probes for measuring mechanical parts or for process monitoring.

Vernier calipers

Digital vernier calipers for measuring external and internal diameters, thicknesses, widths, depths or reference points.


Truschini for tracing or for measuring heights and reference points.

Moisture meters

Moisture meters for measuring on walls, wooden and concrete supports, fiberglass, hulls of ships or objects to be subjected to painting or resin treatment

Torque wrenches

Torque wrenches for torque measurement. Digital torque wrenches, with or without data output.

Profile projectors

Profile projectors for surveying profiles and dimensional dimensions of mechanical parts using the principle of optical projection on a visual screen.

Contact profilometers

Contact profilometers for profile survey using measurement methods with mechanical feelers


Digital speedometers for rotation speed measurements with measurement techniques with or without contact. Length measurements with metric wheels.

Adhesion test

Systems and equipment for coating adhesion testing. Determination of the breakout force of paints and coatings.