Systems for measuring the diameter and ovality of
continuous products directly online of
production with LASER technology

Models with static and dynamic LASER sensors.
Measurement with high-precision, non-contact LASER technology, even on high-speed, easily deformable or high-temperature materials.
Systems with fixed LASER sources
or overhead doors capable of carrying out
analysis also on square sections,
rectangular or hexagonal. Versions for high temperatures or environments with the presence of environmental contaminants.

Interfacing with line PLC and management software.

LASER with high scanning speed and accuracy.
LASER systems with accuracies up to +/- 1 micron and up to 2000 scans per
according to. Real-time visualization of the material profile.

MDD-MDS software

Control software with SCADA or traditional technology. Visualization
intuitive and immediate conditions of anomaly and out of tolerance.
Remote data transmission and interfacing with management systems.

Measurement of strips and bars Through the automatic tilting system of the LASER measurement source it is also possible to measure the dimensions of
square and rectangular section products.

Typical applications in flat and bar drawing and rolling lines.

Industrial control stations. Electrical panels and workstations of
industrial standard control for production environments
hostile or with high temperature range.

High speed applications

Systems specially designed for high speed lines (drawing or rolling) where the product passes through the measuring station at high speed (applications up to 30 meters / second). Protection systems from
fumes and lubricants present in the atmosphere.

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