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Use of LVDT probes and linear transducers for dimensional and geometric control

LVDT probes for contact measurements

I LVDT transducers allow precision measurements on mechanical parts or on any object that can be measured with a contact probe.

Combined with special signal amplifiers they allow the measurement of dimensional characteristics (thicknesses, widths, positions, heights, diameters, ovality) and geometric (flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, oscillation, eccentricity and coaxiality) with millesimal precision even on complex mechanical parts.

LVDT transducers with spring drive system (with fixed mechanical preload) or LVDT transducers with pneumatic drive are particularly suitable for automatic measuring systems.

Some families of LVDT probes can be made with a vacuum-based displacement mechanism.

Transducers with radial cable exit, with axial cable exit or with quick connection and disconnection systems are possible.

RODER manufactures complete "turnkey" systems consisting of LVDT probes, amplifiers and electronic controllers, data acquisition systems, software for statistical and mechanical control specially designed.

RODER measuring systems find applications in many industrial sectors: precision mechanics, sheet metal working, plastic molding, electro-medical, metallurgical and iron and steel.

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Machine vision system for quality control on the production line

RODER software for statistical analysis and process control

"All in one" artificial vision system for quality control in the production line, on automatic machines and manual test benches. The new systems of the VISION CHECK 2000 series integrate a powerful artificial vision system, based on the latest generation image processing algorithms, a touch screen video interface and all the electronics necessary for interfacing with the production line or for the remote control through fieldbus or standard I / O. The powerful functions made available by the control station allow you to carry out both operations visual inspection what operations of dimensional and geometric control. The PCL2315 control station is equipped with a state-of-the-art industrial controller capable of processing the images acquired in real time, generating the response of the control in a few milliseconds. The ability to connect a very large number of cameras (up to 32 cameras), the ability to customize the lighting system and the complete configurability of the acquisition software and processing allows a very high system flexibility, guaranteeing the possibility to face all the problems of industrial control with a single artificial vision system.

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Ultrasonic thickness gauges for corrosion monitoring and quality control

RODER ultrasonic thickness gauges for measuring corrosion and thickness

The ultrasonic thickness gauges of the TI-007 series allow the measurement of thickness by operating from only one side of the material. They are measuring instruments used for measuring the thickness of tanks, pipes, cisterns, pipes and parts of carpentry. The ability to measure the thickness by operating from one part of the material allows to detect the thinning of the material wall even with the operating system.

Non-contact thickness measurements on the production line with LASER thickness gauges

RODER continuous thickness measurement

LASER thickness gauges for non-contact control of thickness and width of flat materials. Suitable for the thickness measurement of sheets, strips, boards, profiles and carpets. The compact construction allows the insertion in existing production lines or easily integrated into new construction lines. The non-contact measurement allows to measure moving objects, even at high speed, or easily deformable materials which with contact measurement techniques would be difficult to measure.

Non-contact profilometry and reverse engineering with LASER scanner

RODER laser scanner for profilometry and point cloud

Innovative and practical system for checking the profile of railway rolling stock. It is possible to detect both the profile of the wheel edge and the profile of the brake disc or the profile of the track. The entire measurement system is controlled by a tablet with dedicated software. The measurement system communicates with the control system via a Bluetooth transmission channel. The use of the Bluetooth connection allows a very fast and above all easy survey even when the operator has to survey in the pit or directly on the track.

Portable Xenon and LED stroboscopes for high speed optical analysis

RODER innovative solutions provider

High brightness stroboscopes for the detection of objects with high speed of movement. Stroboscopes allow you to slow down the repetitive movement of objects that move at high speed. With this technique it is possible to easily detect anomalies on assembly lines or to detect the number of rotations of an object or the speed of execution of a repetitive cycle.

Stroboscopes are available both with traditional lighting techniques (Xenon) or with the latest generation technology (LED).

Thickness measurement with contact thickness gauges in the production line and metrology laboratory

RODER measures the thickness of leathers and artifacts

Contact thickness gauges with a high insertion depth suitable for measuring the thickness of textile products, tapes, sheets or any sheet products. The presence of a large arch allows measurement in places that are difficult to access with traditional measuring instruments.

The presence on some models of a pressure system determined by a weight allows to accurately determine the pressure force on the sample and to keep the weight / measurement surface ratio constant.

Pocket Dial thickness gauges are used to measure the thickness of a wide range of materials such as leather, cardboard, paper, felt, rubber, glass, sheet metal, metal, film, plywood and plastic. The shape of the contact points must be adapted to the material to be measured. If other contact points are required than the standard contact points, this must be indicated in the order. (Example: J 45 with spherical contact points).

Standard 6,35 mm flat contact points, unless otherwise specified in the order. The other three anvils listed below are available on request. The type of contact point does not affect the price of the dial thickness meter. Thickness gauges K 15, K 15, K 15/2, J 15, J 15 and J 45 with contact points of 10 or 14 mm Ø, ground at the bottom, are available at a surcharge. In this case the instrument is positioned flat on the table and is therefore the most suitable for batch measurements of small components.

  • High number of models
  • High precision
  • Possibility of choosing the contact point
  • Movement with adjustment wheel
It is possible to choose between different types of contact: standard 6.35 mm plate, special 10 mm plate, convex or spherical contact point

Length and position gauges for easily deformed profiles

RODER profile measurement with laser scanner and laser profilometer

Length measurement systems for easily deformable materials such as rubber gaskets, polystyrene profiles, gaskets, textiles and polyurethane foam. The presence of a laser pointer allows to easily and precisely identify the measuring point even on easily deformable materials.

The use of a precision linear transducer allows the measurement of length with centesimal precision even on objects that are impossible to measure with contact measuring instruments.

The DIGI-1000 electronic controller allows the display of the measurement in real time and the transmission of the detected data to data acquisition systems or management systems.