Non-contact thickness measurements on the production line with LASER thickness gauges

laser thickness gauge for measuring the thickness of metal strips, sheets and continuous strips in pickling and cutting plants

Non-contact thickness and width measurements using laser technologies have now become a reality.

Laser technologies, especially thickness measuring instruments, offer great advantages over traditional contact measurements.

Thanks to their high performance, these technologies can revolutionize the way thickness and width measurements are made in industrial manufacturing.

Laser measuring systems make it possible to obtain precise and reliable data even at high speeds and in difficult environmental conditions.

Laser systems are capable of instantly providing accurate information about the thickness or width of the material being examined. Once installed on production lines, laser systems can be quickly adjusted to suit different types of material or sizes, making production extremely flexible and offering a high degree of measurement accuracy.

Laser sensors can also ensure fully automatic operation and eliminate the need for costly and frequent maintenance as is the case with traditional tactile measurement.

Another major advantage is that laser systems do not require proper preparation of the material to be tested before taking measurements.

The configuration of the machine can be implemented with on-board software that supports many standard industrial protocols, thus qualifying itself as a leader in the industry 4.0 sector.

LASER thickness gauges are one of the most advanced technologies presented on the market when it comes to applications dedicated to the exact measurement of thicknesses and widths.

This solution offers very high reading precision and operating speed throughout the production procedure; in fact, the thickness or width can be read without any direct contact with the material being processed, ensuring ease of use and accurate results at each operating cycle.

The combination of ultra-precise sensors and high-definition optics provides excellently accurate results regardless of the material to be analyzed and the surrounding environmental conditions.

In conclusion, thanks to modern technologies such as LASER thickness gauges, industry now has access to the tools to make fast and precise readings.