Thickness measurement with contact thickness gauges in the production line and metrology laboratory

RODER measures the thickness of leathers and artifacts

Contact thickness gauges with a high insertion depth suitable for measuring the thickness of textile products, tapes, sheets or any sheet products. The presence of a large arch allows measurement in places that are difficult to access with traditional measuring instruments.

The presence on some models of a pressure system determined by a weight allows to accurately determine the pressure force on the sample and to keep the weight / measurement surface ratio constant.

Pocket Dial thickness gauges are used to measure the thickness of a wide range of materials such as leather, cardboard, paper, felt, rubber, glass, sheet metal, metal, film, plywood and plastic. The shape of the contact points must be adapted to the material to be measured. If other contact points are required than the standard contact points, this must be indicated in the order. (Example: J 45 with spherical contact points).

Standard 6,35 mm flat contact points, unless otherwise specified in the order. The other three anvils listed below are available on request. The type of contact point does not affect the price of the dial thickness meter. Thickness gauges K 15, K 15, K 15/2, J 15, J 15 and J 45 with contact points of 10 or 14 mm Ø, ground at the bottom, are available at a surcharge. In this case the instrument is positioned flat on the table and is therefore the most suitable for batch measurements of small components.

  • High number of models
  • High precision
  • Possibility of choosing the contact point
  • Movement with adjustment wheel
It is possible to choose between different types of contact: standard 6.35 mm plate, special 10 mm plate, convex or spherical contact point