Industrial LASER distance meters

Industrial LASER distance meters are used for the distance measurement from a few millimeters to three kilometers. The distance measurement represents aconsolidated application for laser technology.

Industrial LASER distance meters use LASER light (pulse or modulated) to measure distances, heights, lengths, levels and positions without any contact with the object to be measured.

LASER distance meters consist of a laser emitter, optical transmitters and receivers, photosensitive diodes and sophisticated electronics with algorithms for time measurement or phase measurement. The distance measurement is obtained using different optoelectronic principles such as flight time, phase comparison and LASER pulse with "back-mixing" technology.

These methods allow singles accurate measurements to the millimeter, and measuring ranges up to several hundred meters.

Using LASER distance meters is possible measure on natural surfaces or on special reflectors obtaining fast and precise results even in harsh conditions.

The LASER distance meters work using visible or infrared optical radiation and are classified in accordance with the regulations in force in class 1 or 2 (safe classes for operation even without protective goggles).

The compact construction allows easy installation of the LASER distance meter even where space is limited or in industrial applications. All devices offer standard interfaces, analog or digital data output and customizable switching outputs.

The family of LASER LDM distance meters is particularly used for applications in the industrial sector with analog (4 - 20 mA) or digital (Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus, RS232, RS422, SSI ).

LDM40 series LASER distance meters

  • LASER distance meters for distance measurements up to 30 meters on natural surfaces or 100 meters with reflector
  • Power supply 24 Vdc
  • RS232 - RS422 interfaces - Profinet, Profibus and Ethernet / IP
  • Visible LASER emitter (red) with safety class 2
  • Accuracy up to +/- 1 mm
  • Wide range of accessories for high temperature environments or for environments with high contaminants

LDM300 series LASER distance meters

  • LASER distance meters for distance measurements up to 3000 meters
  • Power supply 24 Vdc
  • RS232 - RS422 interfaces
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Suitable for monitoring the position of large structures and objects