Systems for the profile measurement through the survey of point clouds in 3 dimensions and consequent numerical processing of the maps.

Technique of 3D laser scanning based on optical triangulation technology and the reconstruction of profiles with point clouds.

LASER technology allows to obtain very high precision even on complex objects and materials with different optical characteristics. A wide range of image processing systems and reconstruction techniques allow you to extract the desired dimensional and geometric information.

Analysis of complex profiles

La LASER measurement technology combined with the most modern digital processing technologies e image processing they allow the high speed survey of complex profiles and the comparison with the mathematical model. Laser profilometers are laser displacement sensors that collect height data on a laser line rather than at a single point. This allows you to perform 2D / 3D measurements such as height, width or angle difference, with a single sensor. In addition to height data, RODER profilometers also collect intensity data, to provide a stable solution for online measurement and inspection. The line includes a wide range of sensors to support a variety of applications and industries.

Extraction of dimensional and geometric characteristics

  • Height measurements
  • Angle measurements
  • Flatness measurements
  • Parallelism measures
  • Measurements of ovality
  • Localization measurements of holes and slots
  • Form measurements
  • Wheelbase and wheelbase measurements

Comparison with 3D mathematical model

Systems for measuring complex geometries directly on the production line with direct comparison with the mathematical model in DXF and DWG format.

Software for real-time control of geometries and dimensions with the possibility of automatic adjustment of the production process.

Immediate comparison with tolerances and automatic generation of alarms and machine correction signals. Profile detection of details in easily deformable material with extraction of geometric or dimensional information. Measure of angles, distances, openings, positions to verify the correct execution of the workings or as preparation for welding and assembly operations. Comparison with the mathematical model for the determination of controlling shares.

Applications on robotic islands, on Cartesian axes or in automatic assembly islands 3D laser scanning technique based on optical triangulation technology and the reconstruction of profiles with point clouds. Systems for profile measurement through the detection of point clouds in 3 dimensions

3D measurement applications

Verification of the correct geometry of the tools and immediate comparison with the reference mathematical model.

Flatness analysis of flanges, coupling planes, contact surfaces and sealing parts.

Real-time control of coupled profiles for automatic welding adjustment.

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