The instruments used to measure the force are known as dynamometers or as load cells and are generally electronic devices for quantifying the tensile or compressive force.

There are many types of force measuring instruments and with an almost infinite limit to their use. From sports, safety testing, or engineering, many industries can benefit from knowing information such as the breaking point of an object; elasticity of a material; or even just the force needed to open or close a certain object. 

A force meter allows the measurement of forces such as compression, traction, elasticity or even frictional forces. These force meters are typically used to perform thrust / pull tests in quality control. You will also find some devices for special applications such as for measuring the closing force of gates, measuring the tear forces of cable connections or even for ergonomic measuring devices such as those used by physiotherapists and doctors to determine loads on site. work, for example.

In addition to mechanical versions, we also offer digital devices. Digital versions generally allow for data storage, export (USB, RS232, Mitutoyo or analog output) and further processing on a computer. For all models we have state-of-the-art test benches that guarantee maximum accuracy and repeatability in your test series. With sampling rates up to 14.000 Hz, accuracies of ± 0,1% and a resolution of up to 0,0001 N, even the most delicate test setup can be realized.

Portable force meters