LASER light measuring systems for measuring the diameter, ovality and concentricity of rings and washers

Systems for non-contact checking of diameter, ovality and concentricity.
System based on LASER light beams for measuring the external and internal diameter of sealing rings, washers or sections of cylindrical parts. The measurement of the internal and external diameter of the detail, with multi-section relief also of the thickness of the circular crown, allows the automatic calculation of the ovality and concentricity values. Wide range of measurement ranges and achievable accuracies. Solutions with manual loading of the
particular or with automatic withdrawal directly from the production line.

Standard and custom software

Computerized control stations with standard or customized measurement software.

Industrial data acquisition stations, complete with multifunction software with the possibility of customization. Conceived and designed specifically for the production line control sector and mechanical workshops. Completely fanless and diskless architecture to ensure maximum reliability even in hostile environments and in
presence of environmental contaminants.

Statistical analysis of production

Profile analysis integrated with the internal and external diameter control system.

High LASER scanner
precision for the
determination of
profile parameters o
presence-absence of edges e

Image processed by computerized system for the calculation of dimensions and geometries

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