RODER presents the new DIMES-LTM-LWM non-contact measuring systems for thickness and width measurement with LASER technology.
Used in all applications requiring an inexpensive and easy to use system, the LTM-1000 allows you to measure the thickness or width of continuous or discontinuous materials through laser light sources.

The measurement takes place without contact and allows dimensional checks also on moving materials, materials that are easily deformed or not measurable with traditional contact measurement techniques.

The measurement can be viewed directly on the instrument and can be generated from programmable alarm thresholds or from analog signals proportional to the measurement.

Through a cable or a wireless connection it is possible to transfer data to a remote data acquisition system or to a giant display.

The LTM-LWM system can be connected to the DATASINK 100 software package for automatic acquisition of measurements and alarms. DATASINK 100 can be supplied with the REDAM remote monitor display for remote process control.

Measurement of thickness and width in the production line

Systems for measuring thickness and width directly in line of
production for cutting, pickling, treatment and surface coating lines. Applications made with high precision laser sources and measuring speed able to work in environments with industrial characteristics. The measurement systems are protected from fumes and vapors through an active pressurization system capable of guaranteeing precise and reliable measurements for a long time even in the presence of environmental contaminants.

Control stations and customized software

Computerized control stations for viewing measurement data,
trend display and for automatic remote control of the system.
Interfacing to management systems for automatic data exchange and programming of control recipes. The connection with the computer systems allows the management of control reports with automatic loading of the control recipe and automatic download of the report of the measurements made.

The software of the DIMES family are made with technologies that make the use of the equipment extremely easy and intuitive so that they can also be used by unqualified personnel.

Compact LASER thickness gauges

Compact thickness gauges for use in limited space without sacrificing accuracy or speed of inspection.

The compact thickness gauges allow the thickness measurement without contact even between the material containment rollers or directly on the control and production machines.

Applications on pickling lines

Use of LASER light technologies, magnetic and optical technologies
allow to obtain high precision and speed without direct
contact of the measuring instrument with the material. Possibility of measurement
on systems with high sliding speeds or in inaccessible areas
by operators.

Independent measurement modules available for system integrators and OEMs. Measurement visualization on local or remote display, transmission
remote data on serial or Ethernet line, generation of out-of-tolerance alarms. Possibility of interfacing with management systems.

High pass-line modules

Special models with high sheet passage clearance for systems where movement is very large.