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Systems for measuring the position, displacement and deformation of large structures

Detection of distances, positions, displacements and deformations with extraction of geometric or dimensional information

Measure of angles, distances, openings, positions to verify the correct execution of the workings or as preparation for commissioning operations.

Integrated datalogger or remote transmission of measurements

Applications on large structures or on overhead cranes and cranes

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Measuring instruments for measuring large diameters, angles and inclinations

Profile detection of pressed, sheared, drawn or welded sheet metal parts with extraction of geometric or dimensional information

Measure of angles, diameters, openings, positions to verify the correct execution of the workings or as preparation for welding and assembly operations

Comparison with the mathematical model for the determination of controlling shares

Applications on robotic islands, on Cartesian axes or on automatic assembly islands

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Monitoring of distances, positions, lengths and depths with LASER distance meters and visualization on giant displays for the metallurgical and steel industry

Laser distance meters for industrial applications in the metallurgical and iron and steel sector

Measurement applications of distance, positions, lengths and depths with industrial laser distance meters for the steel and metallurgical sector

Generation of out of tolerance alarms with visual signaling (light tower) or with electrical contact for sirens and alarms. Direct connection to PLC, SCADA systems or remote data acquisition systems.

Measurement visualization on giant displays with management of remote transmission of acquired data or with integrated data logger for process traceability.

Measurement of objects up to 30 meters on a natural surface and up to 100 meters on a reflective surface.

RODER presents the new series of REDAM LDM giant displays to create display and monitoring systems to be connected to LDM series LASER distance meters.

The REDAM LDM series has been specially developed for the connection with LASER LDM series distance meters allowing the real time display of the measurement made by the LASER distance meter.

The visualization takes place on a giant display, visible even from a great distance, or transmitted to remote terminals through Wi-Fi networks or Ethernet networks.

All the displayed measurements can be compared with tolerance thresholds in order to generate alarms in case of out-of-tolerance when certain thresholds are exceeded or visual signals able to guide the operator to any adjustment operations (red value represents an out-of-tolerance value, yellow represents a warning signal, green value the measurement is acceptable).

Typical applications

  • Checking the diameter of coils and coils
  • Size measurement of billets, blooms and slabs
  • Position control of overhead cranes with anti-collision or parallelism control function
  • Loop control on unwinders and winders
  • Position measurement of trolleys
  • Measurement of cutting position on mobile carriages
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Distance and position measurements with industrial laser distance meters

LASER distance meters for industrial applications

Distance measurement without contact in total safety

Visible LASER with safety class 2 also suitable for measurements in the presence of an operator

Analog data output, RS232, RS422, Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet.

The LASER LDM family of distance meters consists of a series of optoelectronic distance measuring devices for industrial applications with analogue interface (from 4 mA to 20 mA) or digital (Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus, RS232, RS422).

The LDM series LASER distance meters are used for the precise measurement of distances from a few meters to three kilometers. The distance measurement represents aconsolidated application for laser technology.

These optical sensors use LASER (pulse or modulated) light to measure distances, heights, lengths, levels and positions in a non-contact process. To achieve this, all components work together in a perfectly coordinated overall system.

This system consists of a laser emitter, optical transmitters and receivers, photosensitive diodes and sophisticated electronics and algorithms for time measurement or phase measurement. We use different optoelectronic principles for our measuring devices, such as time of flight, phase comparison and back-mixing LASER pulse. These methods allow singles accurate measurements to the millimeter, and measuring ranges up to several hundred meters. Using our LASER distance meters is possible measure on natural surfaces or on special reflectors obtaining fast and precise results.

LASER distance meters work using visible or invisible optical radiation and are classified in accordance with current regulations in class 1 or 2 (safe classes for operation even without protective glasses).

The compact construction allows easy installation of the LASER distance meter even where space is limited or in industrial applications. All devices offer standard interfaces, analog or digital data output and parameterizable switching outputs. The family of LASER LDM distance meters is particularly used for applications in the industrial sector with analog (4 - 20 mA) or digital (Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus, RS232, RS422, SSI).

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