Systems for measuring the straightness of bars and tubes directly on the production line.

Complete systems for checking straightness, diameter and
Measuring benches with non-contact LASER technology or with traditional contact technology for the measurement of
straightness of bars or tubes in drawing, extrusion, welding and rolling lines.
Integration of diameter, ovality and length measurement functions.

Complete integration with the production line for material selection and statistical analysis.

Immediate display of straightness, diameter and length values ​​directly on the management software

Software for viewing the measurements taken.

Software for real-time measurement of the straightness of the bar undergoing control. Measurement of total and partial straightness for each bar section in order to highlight the section most affected by straightness error. Integration of diameter, ovality and length measurement functions for total control of all bar parameters.

Intuitive and quick-to-consult interface, suitable for the production environment and usable by machine operators and employees

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