Profile analysis systems with LASER light sources e 2D dimensional reconstruction at high speed. Complete systems for principle-based profile control
area of LASER triangulation .

Systems for the thickness measurement,
width, height, radii of curvature,
groove width directly in line of
. Software for real-time control of geometries and dimensions. Immediate comparison with tolerances and automatic generation of alarms and machine correction signals.

Profile detection of welded parts with extraction of geometric or dimensional information. Measure angles, distances, openings, positions to verify the correct execution of the workings or how preparation for welding and assembly operations. Comparison with the mathematical model for the determination of control dimensions. Applications on robotic islands, on Cartesian axes or on automatic assembly islands.

Measurement of coupling angles

Verify angles, positions and heights in continuous welding processes. The profile measurement with LASER profilometers allows the verification of thecoupling angle before the welding process or the verification of the welding profile immediately after the welding phase. The obtained data can be used for one active process correction directly on the welding torch position or for post-process quality control.

RODER can supply a wide range of LASER sensors with different measuring ranges, accuracy and insensitivity to environmental conditions (particularly important for working in industrial applications).

It is also possible to combine with LASER profilometers computerized control stations and embedded systems to be integrated directly on the production line for direct connection to PLC or HMI.

LASER systems for automatic scanning

Systems based on LASER scanners for profile analysis in the laboratory or on line.
Systems and software for profile analysis and the dimensional control without contact of complex objects,
easily deformable or with physical characteristics that do not allow direct contact between the sensor and the object under control. 2D laser scanning technique based on optical triangulation technology and reconstruction of profiles with point clouds.
Systems for profile measurement through the detection of point clouds in 2 dimensions and consequent numerical processing of the maps. LASER technology allows to obtain very high precision even on complex objects and of materials with different optical characteristics. A wide range of image processing systems and reconstruction techniques allow you to extract the desired dimensional and geometric information.

Processing software

Customized processing software capable of extracting the relevant parameters from the measured profile. The software can also filter profiles possibly perturbed by working conditions in the presence of dust or environmental contaminants. In this way the software can process only the significant and interesting data for any active process control.

Typical applications

  • Measurement on extruded and drawn products
  • Non-contact width measurement
  • Non-contact depth measurement
  • Measurement of radius of curvature
  • Distance measurement
  • Profile measurement of mechanical parts
  • Measurement of roughness of stone and marble profiles
  • Position measurements
  • Measurements of angle and radius of curvature
  • Gap measurement
  • Wheelbase measurement
  • Active control of production in drawing and extrusion plants
  • Active correction of production parameters
  • Edge tracking
  • Verification of the correct coupling angle
  • Measurement of the drawing radius
  • Measurement of the taper
  • Flatness measurement
  • Automatic production control
  • Correction of the bend angle

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