The VISION division of RODER SRL designs and manufactures LED lighting systems e vision systems for optical control both in the production line and in the metrology laboratory.

The use of the most innovative techniques of image processing combined with a deep specialization in the systems of LED lighting allows us to offer the end user and the machine manufacturer systems and technologies that are always in step with the times.

We develop daily special applications in direct collaboration with end customers and plant builders.

Through the experience accumulated in the construction of "turnkey" systems, the VISION division is also able to offer a range of standard products and technologies that can be directly integrated into third-party systems. 

LED illuminators for artificial vision

RODER SRL offers a full range of LED illuminators for vision systems.

Entirely designed in the RODER laboratories LED illuminators guarantee high long-term reliability. LED technology allows luminous intensity to be maintained even in difficult working conditions.

Turnkey vision systems

RODER SRL offers a complete range of vision systems for industrial applications or for the metrology laboratory.

The VISION CHECK series vision systems have been specially designed to obtain high reliability and at the same time ease of use also suitable for less experienced personnel.

Accessories for vision systems

RODER SRL offers a complete range of accessories for vision systems and industrial automation.

The proposed accessories are the completion of the proposal for artificial vision products.

Chosen and used for integration on RODER vision systems, they are also available for integration on third-party systems.