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Machine vision system for quality control on the production line

RODER software for statistical analysis and process control

"All in one" artificial vision system for quality control in the production line, on automatic machines and manual test benches. The new systems of the VISION CHECK 2000 series integrate a powerful artificial vision system, based on the latest generation image processing algorithms, a touch screen video interface and all the electronics necessary for interfacing with the production line or for the remote control through fieldbus or standard I / O. The powerful functions made available by the control station allow you to carry out both operations visual inspection what operations of dimensional and geometric control. The PCL2315 control station is equipped with a state-of-the-art industrial controller capable of processing the images acquired in real time, generating the response of the control in a few milliseconds. The ability to connect a very large number of cameras (up to 32 cameras), the ability to customize the lighting system and the complete configurability of the acquisition software and processing allows a very high system flexibility, guaranteeing the possibility to face all the problems of industrial control with a single artificial vision system.

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Non-contact thickness measurements on the production line with LASER thickness gauges

RODER continuous thickness measurement

LASER thickness gauges for non-contact control of thickness and width of flat materials. Suitable for the thickness measurement of sheets, strips, boards, profiles and carpets. The compact construction allows the insertion in existing production lines or easily integrated into new construction lines. The non-contact measurement allows to measure moving objects, even at high speed, or easily deformable materials which with contact measurement techniques would be difficult to measure.