The RODER ELECTRONICS division develops and produces electronic devices and software for Industry 4.0.

The considerable experience accumulated in the construction of special systems, still developed and produced by the RODER SYSTEMS division, has allowed us to constantly develop and improve the data acquisition and numerical processing technologies that were initially used only and exclusively on our production systems.

Today we are able to supply the same technologies in use at hundreds of plants around the world in the form of standard products or to be integrated on third-party systems. 

All products of the ELECTRONICS division comply with current industrial regulations, bearing the CE mark and made with technologies ready for the new evolution of industrial 4.0 processes.

PCL series control stations

  • Control stations for data acquisition, production trend visualization, statistical calculation and production data storage in real time.
  • Touch screen display from 8 to 15 inches LED backlight.
  • Front electromechanical buttons for the most frequent commands.
  • Visual and / or acoustic signaling of alarm conditions independent of the video screen.
  • Ethernet network connection for sharing production data with management applications.
  • Connection to the main fieldbuses (Profinet, Profibus, Ethercat, Devicenet) for process control in real time.
  • Industry standard integrated I / O for direct connection to PLC.
  • USB, RS232 and RS485 ports for the connection of barcode readers or printers.
  • Support with mechanical fixing to the machine table with the possibility of adjusting the inclination of the monitor
  • Absence of cooling fans for complete insensitivity to dirt and dust (Fanless architecture).
  • Use of SSD (Solid State Disk) memories for storing production data.
  • Windows Embedded operating system with the possibility of customizing the operating peripherals.

LASER thickness gauges LTM-1000

LASER thickness gauges for thickness measurements of materials in non-contact production line. Thickness measurement of tapes, boards, rugs, strips and straps.

REDAM display systems

Remote visualization systems on giant display for process lines, environmental monitoring and statistical control.

DATASINK data acquisition software

Data acquisition software for process lines and quality control systems. Real-time statistical analysis.

DIGICHECK acquisition software

Software for data acquisition and process control with multi-quota and multi-recipe acquisition procedures.

EDAC acquisition modules

Electronic modules for acquisition and control distributed on the Ehternet network. Used for the acquisition of physical quantities and for industrial process control