Thickness measurement systems with continuous scanning laser sensors

Complete systems for the control of
thickness through continuous scanning of the material.
Measurement of thickness, width and density
directly on the production line. Real-time control software
of the thickness distribution. Immediate comparison with tolerances and
with the ideal profile with automatic generation of alarms and signals
machine correction.

Software for profile analysis and the
control of the extrusion head.
Data analysis software with automatic calculation of the average thickness of the profile and of the thicknesses of the individual areas. Possibility of
connection to an automatic process regulation system. Interfacing to the PLC of the production line and to the system

Models with feedback roller.
Models with shadow projection operating principle that can also measure
transparent, semitransparent, easily deformable materials or which, due to process necessity, must pass through supported by rollers.

Measurements on easily deformable materials with continuous scanning and relief of the transversal profile

Measurements on thin and easily deformable materials using a gauge roller and a LASER scanning system.

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