Systems for measuring wall thickness, diameter and ovality of metal, plastic, glass, foam, cardboard, rubber pipes.

Custom support mechanics.
Benchtop systems for the laboratory
metrological or on-board machines designed for the measurement of internal diameter, external diameter, ovality and wall thickness of pipe samples. The use of LASER technology allows to carry out measurements without contact and without deformation of the sample.
Ideal for measuring pipes in easily deformable material (rubber, paper and cardboard, foam materials and low density plastics).

Complete analysis of all the dimensional and geometric parameters of the
pipe section with a single system

Also in version with contact comparator.
Economical versions with contact comparator able to measure only the wall thickness of pipes and sheaths. Designed for measuring
walls of small thickness directly on the production line for the setup of the plant or for
the verification of process stability at regular intervals.

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