Speed ​​and length measurement without contact with optical instruments

astech velocimeters for non-contact speed and length measurement

Optical velocimeters are a vital tool for measuring speed and length on the production line.

They are non-invasive devices that can accurately measure speed and distance in a short time.

These instruments use optics, light sources and sophisticated electronics to measure speed accurately, without physical contact with the material being measured.

They are mainly used in the process industry but also have applications in other industries such as aerospace, electronics and medical products.

An optical velocimeter can be used to measure both speed and length of the production line. In addition, optical encoders allow fast and accurate acquisition of the spatial position of objects moving on the production line and can provide instant information on the status of the production process. ASTECH's VLM60 and VLM500 are two of the most popular devices that can be used for these applications.

Sensors with non-contact technology provide high accuracy when it comes to remote measurements compared to any other traditional techniques such as using rulers, calipers and other instruments conventionally available on the market.

The ability to rapidly make accurate measurements makes optical velocity meters ideally suited to the industrial applications currently required by the dynamic and competitive modern market.

Optical velocimeters are very important speed and length measuring instruments for inline production.

This technology is useful for manufacturers who need precise monitoring of production line performance in real time.

The ASTECH range offers different models of optical velocimeters suitable for measurement needs in the manufacturing industry. The VLM60 has been specifically designed for applications requiring accurate length and speed data in production lines with high operating temperatures. The system is equipped with a specialized high resolution sensor which can monitor movement at distances of up to 1m with pinpoint accuracy. Furthermore, the device is resistant to high temperatures up to 150°C and is therefore suitable for the most extreme applications.

The VLM500 is another model offered by ASTECH that includes the integrated optical encoder for precise measurement of machine performance in real time. The encoder supplies digitized signals to the central computer, allowing operators to accurately monitor even under the harshest conditions thanks to ASTECH's unique patented mechanical design.

The innovative technology of the VLM500 allows the end user an accurate and efficient control over all the critical aspects of the production process without problems of heat or unwanted vibrations caused by external environmental factors such as dust, etc.

Finally, the VLM502 is a compact model especially designed for high performance industrial applications where accurate and repeatable length and velocity measurements are required without direct contact between the item to be measured and the instrument itself.

The device has a backlit LCD display that indicates instant readout in a very short time, making it ideal for quick exits from industrially advanced processes such as automatic assembly, laser cutting, CNC milling, etc.

In conclusion, we can state that optical velocimeters represent an important evolution in modern industrial technology allowing manufacturing companies longer durations and high accuracy in measuring the performance of production plants.