Shimpo ST300 series stroboscopes

The ST-320BL is a portable or permanently mounted strobe.

Using ultraviolet light high power super bright LED lamps, these strobes are perfect for UV ink printing applications.

The LED array of the ST-320BL provides bright, stable strobe light over a wide range of measurements with a life span far exceeding xenon light strobes.

Operation is simple thanks to the 8-button keypad and quick speed dial, combined with a large backlit LCD display. Phase shift, flash duration, and flash speed are all quickly adjustable.

The unit can work with the user-adjusted flash rate or with a remote sensor signal that automatically adjusts to fluctuations in the corresponding process.

The ST-320BL is designed for speed and frequency measurements in the printing, packaging, textile, automotive, cable, mining, steel, chemical, optical and medical industries in various applications.

DT-311A Series Portable Xenon Stroboscopes

  • Wide flash range 60 - 120.000 flashes / min. (1-2000 Hz) can be adjusted to suit almost all high speed applications
  • Long life ultraviolet light LED operation for UV ink applications
  • Adjustable flash pulse duration allows for clearer images for detailed inspection
  • Phase shift advances or delays flash times for displaying gear teeth, cutting surfaces, repetitions, or "drifting" images
  • The trigger function of the input sensor allows process machines to control the speed of the flash
  • Delay time adjustment combined with leading or lagging edge activation simplifies process setup when using external signal input
  • Keys X2 and 1/2 for wide variation of the adjustment rate or +/- for fine adjustment
  • 1 / 4-20 UNC connection for permanent mounting applications (remove handle)
CodeModelTechnical InformationDocumentation
Ultraviolet light stroboscope model ST-320BL with 100-120 Vac power supplyContact us
XX-XX-XXST-320BL-1-230VUltraviolet light stroboscope model ST-320BL with 220-240 Vac power supplyContact us
XX-XX-XXST-320BL-1-230V-EUUltraviolet light stroboscope model ST-320BL with 220-240 Vac power supply with European socketContact us
XX-XX-XXST-320BL-2Ultraviolet light stroboscope model ST-320BL with rechargeable battery and 100-240 Vac adapterContact us
XX-XX-XXST-320BL-2-EUUltraviolet light stroboscope model ST-320BL with rechargeable battery and 100-240 Vac adapter with European plugContact us
XX-XX-XXSG-320BLRubber protection for ultraviolet light strobe ST-320BLContact us
XX-XX-XXST320HANDLEHandle for ST-320BLContact us
XX-XX-XXE2E-X5ME1-Z-USBProximity sensor with USB connectorContact us