SB-1000 series LASER micrometers for non-contact diameter and width measurement

Laser micrometers for diameter and width measurement on the production line. The measurement of diameter and width with laser micrometers allows the control of the dimensions of continuous products directly on the production line, without contact and in maximum safety for the operator.

laser micrometer for diameter and ovality measurement on wires, pipes, cables, bars and rods
  • LASER micrometers for diameter measurement and ovalization on cylindrical parts directly in production line or in the metrological laboratory.

  • Measurements of wires, pipes, cables, bars, plugs, extruded and drawn parts.

  • Comparison with tolerance thresholds and alarms for reporting a non-compliant product.

  • Possibility of transmitting the data to an external PLC or to a data acquisition system or to a management system.

  • Applications on drawing, profiling, extrusion, grinding, automatic assembly lines.

SB-1000 series LASER micrometers

laser micrometer for width and edge position measurements of belts and carpets

A wide range of application modes to make high-precision measurements with ease.

The SB-1000 Series consists of a range of high precision intelligent sensors, which guarantee high performance at low cost and are equipped with the most advanced functions for operation on the production line.

The technology and functions developed for high precision measuring instruments ensure high levels of accuracy.

The solid construction of the SB-1000 series devices makes it possible to use them even in harsh environments. Easy to use, they allow you to perform fast and stable measurements.

The newly developed optical system enables high levels of stability and measurement accuracy to be achieved.

Multiple wavelength LASER micrometers

laser micrometer for edge and position measurement on belts and carpets

In traditional lasers, the transmission beam produces a pattern a
accumulation points. This is an interference problem specific to the laser, caused by the fact that it has only one wavelength. Thanks to the use of a multi-wavelength laser, the RDSB series sensor does not exhibit this unwanted behavior. Since the shadow projections that form on the CCD are sharper, the sensor maintains a high level of stability, even with hard-to-detect targets such as transparent objects.

The parallel processing processor DSP, built into the receiver, allows the sensor to process data at high speeds, thus reducing noise and measurement error levels to a minimum.

Typical applications

  • Edge control and position detection in tape, sheet or panel production lines
  • External diameter measurement of wires, pipes, cables, rods, plugs
  • Method of measuring internal diameter or gap in rings or gaskets
  • Distance measurement between the end of the measurement range and the edge of a target in automatic assembly lines
  • Measurement of width or position in extrusions or irregular profiles.
  • Pin height measurement or correct insertion of components in mounting seats.

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