Measurement of the width of continuous tapes in the production line

Measure width and thickness directly on the production line on continuous tapes.

Measure of thickness and width of coils, strips and plates directly on the production line with LASER systems.

Comparison with tolerance thresholds for the determination of any specific holes and automatic interfacing to the quality management infrastructures

Applications on pickling and sheet metal cutting lines.

The use of LASER light technologies, magnetic and optical technologies allow to obtain high levels
accuracy and speed without direct contact of the measuring instrument with the material. Possibility of measurement
on systems with high sliding speeds or in areas not accessible to operators.

Independent measurement modules available for system integrators and OEMs. Measurement visualization on local or remote display, transmission
remote data on serial line or Ethernet, generation of out-of-tolerance alarms. Possibility
interfacing with management systems. Special models with high light of
passage of sheet metal for systems where the movement is very large

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