DL3 mini series LED illuminators for vision systems with industrial cameras

DL3M miniature LED lighter for vision systems and optical inspection

LED illuminators for direct lighting applications in artificial vision systems based on industrial cameras.

Also installable on optical test benches manuals, testing systems or manual selection banks.

Flat profile for special applications suitable for System Integrators and OEMs.

Cable with industrial M8 connector, anodized aluminum container.

RODER SRL presents the new DL3 mini series LED illuminators. There compact construction form and the use of a container in anodized aluminum make this product suitable for installation on production machines with industrial cameras or on optical test benches.

Are available different sizes and different wavelengths (white, red, blue, green, yellow, infrared and ultraviolet). A full range of accessories allows a practical and immediate use of this family of LED lighting products.

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Application note AN0001