Systems for the control of the axial play of crankshafts and pulleys in internal combustion engines

Profile detection of steel parts with extraction of geometric or dimensional information

Measure of angles, distances, openings, positions to verify the correct execution of the workings or as preparation for welding and assembly operations

Comparison with the mathematical model for the determination of controlling shares

Applications on robotic islands, on Cartesian axes or on automatic assembly islands

Automatic control island of the axial play of the crankshaft of an internal combustion engine. The
system creates a controlled stress of the already installed crankshaft
in its base during assembly operations on the production line. The
base is brought near the test island by means of an electric trolley and
hooked to an overhead portal capable of anchoring to the crankshaft. The crankshaft
it is then solicited in a controlled way through a specially pneumatic system
designed. The extent of the axial play is then verified. The measured value of axial play
is related to the type of engine tested and through the data that were
previously encoded on the database, it is classified and processed in the following ones
assembly stations. In case of non-compliance, the system informs the system
of the negative result of the test for the subsequent corrective actions.

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