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Use of stroboscopes for speed measurement, preventive maintenance and verification of print defects

High brightness Xeon portable stroboscopes
High brightness Xeon portable stroboscopes

Measurement applications of print speed and quality in the printing industry, directly on the production line, without downtime or slowing down the process.

Applications of observation of repetitive movements for the determination of any assembly errors or preventive wear of moving parts.

Measurement visualization on easily readable display and controls designed for easy synchronization of the number of flashes per second with the process under observation.

Battery powered models for easy and easy transport or with mains power supply for fixed applications on production lines.

Stroboscopes are tools that allow you to observe and studying an object in motion, which can be rotary or oscillatory, as if it were stationary, as well as measure its speed.

The operating principle is based on the observation, in low light conditions, of the object in constant motion, illuminated by very short flashes of high intensity light.

When you observe a perfectly still image of the object in motion, it means that the flashing frequency of the stroboscope coincides with the speed of rotation or of the oscillatory motion. speed measurement itself, without any contact with the moving mechanism

The main element consists of a special xenon or LED lamp capable of emitting up to 5000 flashes per second, or 300000 per minute. This very high frequency value allows you to observe an object that cyclically moves, vibrates or rotates on its axis even at very high frequencies.

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Portable Xenon and LED stroboscopes for high speed optical analysis

RODER innovative solutions provider

High brightness stroboscopes for the detection of objects with high speed of movement. Stroboscopes allow you to slow down the repetitive movement of objects that move at high speed. With this technique it is possible to easily detect anomalies on assembly lines or to detect the number of rotations of an object or the speed of execution of a repetitive cycle.

Stroboscopes are available both with traditional lighting techniques (Xenon) or with the latest generation technology (LED).