RDL1 series LED illuminators

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RODER Electronics presents the new RDL1 series LED illuminators for direct lighting in artificial vision, manual inspection, optical machines and generic lighting applications.

The RDL1 series of illuminators is built with the latest generation of LEDs, capable of guaranteeing high brightness, low consumption, high luminous efficiency and an average life of over 100000 operating hours (equal to 11 years with continuous use or 15-16 years with its discontinuous).

It is possible to choose between different configurations and different wavelengths. Custom versions are also available, made to specification and with customized features.

The container of the RDL1 series is made of anodized aluminum which gives the illuminator a good aesthetic finish and a high dissipation of the heat produced by the LEDs and electronic control circuits. The RDL1 series is particularly suitable for OEMs and System Integrators who use LED illuminators integrated in complex systems or proprietary equipment.

The cable with connector allows an easy and quick disconnection from the power supply unit for maintenance or cleaning operations.

The use of HTTM® technology (High Thermal Transmission Material - Roder Electronics Trademark) allows an adequate heat dissipation, a good chromatic stability of the illuminator and a long operating life of the illuminator.

All the RDL1 series illuminators integrate the drivers for stabilizing the LED current and allow to operate with a direct 24 Vdc power supply, keeping the light emission constant and guaranteeing a high homogeneity of the light emission matrix.