DC3 series LED illuminators

Ring-shaped LED illuminators for direct installation on cameras and optical analysis systems. Use of high luminous intensity LEDs for low-cost applications.

Suitable for artificial vision applications on automatic machines or on manual or semi-automatic control benches.

The DC3 series of LED illuminators is built with the latest generation of LEDs, capable of guaranteeing high brightness, low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency and an average life of over 50.000 operating hours.

You can choose between different sizes and different wavelengths. The container of the DC3 series is made of anodized aluminum, which gives a good aesthetic finish and high heat dissipation.

The protection of the optics is carried out with a polycarbonate glass with anti-scratch treatment and anti-aging, removable and replaceable in case of damage.

Il cable with connector allows an easy and quick disconnection from the power supply for maintenance or cleaning operations.

In combination with the DRV series power supplies and intelligent controllers it is possible to obtain complete lighting systems, with different supply voltages, possibility of pulsed control, external synchronization, controlled overcurrent and linear partialisation.

The small size of the illuminator also allows installation in compact automatic machines and automatic production systems. Typical applications are artificial vision, manual inspection, microscopes, optical equipment and general lighting applications.

It is possible to choose between two different sizes (69 x 21 and 86 x 40 mm) and different wavelengths. Custom versions are also available, made to specification and with customized characteristics.

Direct mounting on the camera

The DC3 illuminator can easily be mounted directly on the camera body by means of an adapter available on request.

Stainless steel brackets and support plates are available to quickly create artificial vision applications

Main characteristics

  • HIGH FLUX LED - Use of latest generation high efficiency and high brightness LEDs.
  • HTTM TECHNOLOGY - HTTM (RODER Trademark) technology for efficient disposal of the heat produced by LEDs.
  • ALUMINUM BODY - Body in anodized aluminum obtained from a single block to guarantee a high dissipation of the heat produced and an excellent structural rigidity.
  • CERTIFICATE OF TEST - Each LED illuminator has a serial number and is complete with a 48-hour functional test certificate.
  • INDUSTRIAL CONNECTOR - Connection with 8-pole M3 industrial connector and fixing ring for a quick connection.
  • REMOVABLE GLASS - Fixing of the protection glass with removable screws for an easy and immediate replacement of the glass in case of damage.
  • REDUCED THICKNESS - The use of SMD technology allows to have a reduced thickness
  • SCRATCH-FREE GLASS - The protective glass is made of plastic with an anti-scratch and anti-aging film.

DC3 series - Model 86 x 40

LED illuminator with flat profile and external power supply to contain the dimensions of the light ring.

  • External diameter 86 mm
  • Internal diameter 40 mm
  • Flat profile of only 10 mm
  • Possibility of remote control
  • Direct fixing on the camera
  • Available in White, Red, Blue, Green, Infrared and ultraviolet
  • Possibility of stroboscopic control
  • Aluminum container

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