Caps torque transducers

Torque tester for caps to measure the tightening torque, both during screwing and unscrewing, of bottle caps, drums, containers, jars, bottles, receptacles and jerry cans.

The cap torque transducers of the CAP-TT01 series are designed with the aim of measuring the screwing and removal torque of caps up to 11,5 Nm (100 lbFin).

Adjustable supports efficiently hold a wide range of container shapes and sizes, while optional flat and adjustable jaws are available for special profiles. The robust aluminum design and the simple and intuitive use allow the use in the laboratory and in production environments even by non-expert personnel.

The accuracy of ± 0,3% of the full scale and the incredibly fast sampling rate of 7.000 Hz guarantee precise and reliable test results, even in fast-acting applications.

The cap torque transducers of the CAP-TT01 family include a range of sophisticated production control support functions, including USB communication port, RS-232 port, Digimatic Mitutoyo interface, analog outputs, reset when the cap is removed, memory for 1.000 readings, indicators and good / reject outputs.

One is also available password protection to avoid unauthorized changes to settings and calibration.

CAP-TT01 cap torque transducers include MESUR Lite data acquisition software. MESUR Lite groups data in continuous or single point mode. The data stored in the CAP-TT01 memory can also be downloaded in a single block. The export of the detected data to Excel allows further analysis of the data and the generation of measurement reports.

Torque meters for bench caps

  • Torque meters for bench caps for laboratory and production line applications

Torque meters for small containers

  • Torque meters for small containers, bottles and vials

Torque meters for portable caps

  • Portable torque transducer for caps with direct coupling on the cap

Models available

The data shown in brackets alongside the maximum measurable value refers to the resolution of the display.

ModelozFin lbFinlbFftNcmNm
CAP-TT01-12192 (0.1)12 (0.005)1 (0.0005)135 (0.1)1.35 (0.001)
CAP-TT01-25 400 (0.1)25 (0.005)2 (0.0005)290 (0.1)2.9 (0.001)
CAP-TT01-50 320 (0.2)50 (0.02)4 (0.002)570 (0.5)5.7 (0.005)
CAP-TT01-100800 (0.5)100 (0.05)8 (0.005)1150 (0.5)11.5 (0.005)

Use of torque transducers for caps

CAP-TT01 series torque transducers for caps allow the easy and precise measurement of the torque required to start or unscrew the cap of bottles, flacons, jars, tubes and jerry cans.

The measurement takes place instantly and it is possible to memorize the peak value obtained. The peak value is particularly used to check the "breakout torque" of seals or the point of maximum stress of the cap.

The high sampling frequency allows to obtain a reliable peak measurement even if the event is short-lived.

Main characteristics

  • Optional mobile stands and jaws for a wide range of sample shapes and sizes.
  • Automatic exit, data storage and zeroing when removing the bottle cap helps automate testing processes
  • Password protection prevents unauthorized changes
  • The 7.000 Hz high-speed sampling rate accurately captures peak torque values
  • 5 selectable measurement units (ozFin, lbFin, lbFft, Ncm, Nm)
  • USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo and analog outputs
  • 1.000 data memory points with statistics
  • Programmable set point indicators and outputs for determining good / reject
  • Configurable audio alarms
  • MESUR Lite data collection software included

Technical features

Accuracy+/- 0.3% of the full scale
Sampling rate7000 Hz (7000 samples per second)
Nutrition230 Vac mains power supply or with internal rechargeable batteries. There is an indicator of the state of charge of the matters. When the battery charge is too low, the instrument switches itself off automatically.
Battery lifeWith backlight on: up to 7 hours of continuous operation.
With backlight off: up to 24 hours of continuous operation.
Measure unitozFin, lbFin, lbFft, Nm, Ncm
OutputsUSB / RS232: configurable up to 115200 baud
Mitutoyo: Serial BCD Digimatic compatible with all Mitutoyo acquisition devices
Analog: +/- 1 VDC
Digital: open-drain digital alarm outputs
Configurable functionsDigital filters, digital alarm outputs, data output, automatic shutdown, key tones, backlight, audio alarms, passwords, calibration
OverloadProtection up to 150% of the measuring range. Over 110% of the range, the display indicates the overload condition
Weight3.8 Kg
WarrantyWarranty up to 3 years for the measuring instrument
Measurable diametersDiameters from 12,7 to 190 mm are measurable

Composition of the supply

  • Measuring instrument
  • Universal power supply 230 Vac
  • Battery
  • User manual (in English)
  • CD with MEASUR Lite software and USB driver (in English)

Details of the TT-01 series

torque transducers for caps

Easy and practical use

The torque transducers for caps are easy to use both on the work bench on the line and in the metrological laboratory. Furthermore, the support on the table is made in a stable way and above all not influenced by the force applied to the cap during the test operations. The sturdy structure allows the test to be carried out even on large bottles and containers or with particularly large diameter caps.

front display showing twist value

Highly readable front display

The instrument display, located on the front of the instrument, allows easy reading of the measured value and the functions that have been activated. The backlighting allows viewing even in poorly lit environments or directly on the line.

USB and digimatic connectors of the caps torque transducers

External connections

On the back of the instrument there is a connector for the connection of USB peripherals, peripherals with serial ports and Digimatic. It is also possible to generate an analog signal for connection to data acquisition systems.

acquisition software for cap torque transducers

Acquisition software

Included in the supply is the MEASUR Lite acquisition software which allows the display of measurements on a PC, the acquisition of torsion curves and the recording of data in Excel format.

Accessories for TT-01 series torque transducers

portable printer for connection with torque transducers for caps

Portable printer

Suitable for real-time printing of the results obtained from the measurement. With the printer it is also possible to perform statistical calculations on batches of measurements (minimum value, maximum value, average value).

The printing of the printout of the measurements in real time allows a rapid certification of the production batch.

adjustable plates for special bottles

Adapters for square bottles

The adapters for square bottles also allow the measurement of bottles and containers that do not have a cylindrical shape or that have irregular shapes. The screw adjustment allows a quick adaptation to the type change.

special jaws for torque transducers for caps

Adapters with adjustable jaws

Adapters with adjustable jaws allow the measurement of bottles with irregular shapes or that with standard adapters do not maintain a stable position.

The two parts in contact with the bottle are adjustable and allow perfect adaptability on containers with irregular or non-cylindrical profiles.

calibration of cap torque transducers

Weight certified for calibration

The certified weight for calibration allows you to quickly and immediately check the conditions of correct operation of the cap torque transducer.

The value found with the certified weight can be used for a periodic calibration check or for an internal certification of the instrument.

fixing kit for torque transducers for caps

Tool fixing kit

For the use of the certified calibration weight, a fixing kit is available that allows you to position the torque transducer for caps in an optimal position for positioning the calibrator.

The fixing of the torque transducer for caps takes place on a horizontal surface, a table or a shelf.

centering pegs for torque transducers for caps

Closing pegs

Different versions of fixing pegs with different lengths are available depending on the need to fix bottles with different heights.

Standard rungs are 31mm long. Pegs of 63 mm and 100 mm in length are also available.

Torque gauges for caps with customized jaws or made according to specific needs are available.

calibration report for torque transducers for caps

Calibration report

A calibration report is available on request which allows you to certify the correct functioning of the instrument.

transport case for cap torque transducers

Carrying case

A carrying case for the instrument is available.

Made of plastic material and with the inside in foam material, this case allows the transport of the torque transducer for caps in a safe way.

softwre datasink 100 combined with torque transducers for caps

DataSink 100 software

If you need special software, with special acquisition functions or integrated in the management system (AS400 connection, Oracle database connection, connection with Access or MySQL), it is possible to create a customized application supplied with "turnkey" mode.

Product dimensions

dimensions of the torque transducers for caps

Example of use of cap torque transducers

The CAP-TT01 series torque transducers for caps allow not only the real-time detection of the torque in screwing and unscrewing the cap but also the printing of the values ​​obtained or the storage of data for filing on file or post-statistical analysis -process.

Typical values ​​of torque

The following table shows the typical torque values ​​for glass and plastic bottles with different types of common caps. The standard value (C) is closing, the standard value (A) is opening.

All values ​​are expressed in Ncm

Cap diameter (mm)Phenolic / Urea stopper on glass bottlePhenolic / Urea cap on plastic bottlePE / PP cap on glass bottle PE / PP cap on plastic bottle
1590 (C) -45 (A)67 (C) -33 (A)135 (C) -79 (A)90 (C) -45 (A)
18101 (C) -56 (A)79 (C) -45 (A)146 (C) -90 (A)101 (C) -56 (A)
20112 (C) -56 (A)90 (C) -45 (A)169 (C) -101 (A)112 (C) -56 (A)
22124 (C) -67 (A)101 (C) -56 (A)192 (C) -112 (A)124 (C) -67 (A)
24135 (C) -67 (A)112 (C) -56 (A)203 (C) -124 (A)135 (C) -67 (A)
28158 (C) -79 (A)135 (C) -67 (A)237 (C) -135 (A)158 (C) -79 (A)
33203 (C) -101 (A)169 (C) -79 (A)271 (C) -158 (A)192 (C) -90 (A)
38225 (C) -112 (A)192 (C) -79 (A)327 (C) -192 (A)214 (C) -101 (A)
43248 (C) -124 (A)203 (C) -101 (A)372 (C) -225 (A)248 (C) -124 (A)
48271 (C) -158 (A)225 (C) -112 (A)293 (C) -248 (A)271 (C) -135 (C)
58316 (C) -158 (A)271 (C) -135 (A)497 (C) -293 (A)327 (C) -158 (A)
70395 (C) -203 (A)316 (C) -158 (A)587 (C) -361 (A)395 (C) -192 (A)
89508 (C) -248 (A)406 (C) -208 (A)734 (C) -451 (A)508 (C) -248 (A)
100564 (C) -282 (A)451 (C) -225 (A)847 (C) -429 (A)564 (C) -282 (A)

Order codes

General purpose stopper torque transducers

Product Code: CAP-TT01-12E

RODER code: 10-01-25

Description: Torque tester for caps for measurements up to 135 Ncm

General purpose stopper torque transducers

Product Code: CAP-TT01-25E

RODER code: 10-01-26

Description: Torque tester for caps for measurements up to 290 Ncm

General purpose stopper torque transducers

Product Code: CAP-TT01-50E

RODER code: 10-01-27

Description: Torque tester for caps for measurements up to 570 Ncm

General purpose stopper torque transducers

Product Code: CAP-TT01-100E

RODER code: 10-01-28

Description: Torque tester for caps for measurements up to 1150 Ncm