Shimpo ST1000 series stroboscopes

SHIMPO's ST-1000 series is one stroboscope-speedometer with LED flash technology.

This speed measurement and analysis device is ideal for inspecting rotating machines.

The stroboscope is capable of flashing light with a synchronous frequency to the machinery in operation, creating the illusion of displaying still or slowed-down images.

Using this phenomenon of slowing or stopping motion with the adjusted frequency of the ST-1000's flashing light, machine parts and processes can be inspected for defects.

In addition, the rotational speed of machinery and systems can be recorded for further performance analysis.

The ST-1000 is adjustable in both coarse and fine modes. The backlit display shows the current flash speed, 10 user preset speeds and a low battery warning.

The backlight function can be turned off to save battery life if desired.

The ergonomic, hand-held device is made of sturdy ABS plastic and comes with batteries and a protective case.

LED technology prolongs operation due to the low energy requirement of the light emitting diodes compared to xenon strobes.

Typical applications for using the ST-1000 are the inspection of rotors, gears, vibration diagnostic equipment, textile equipment, print production lines, power tools, speaker acoustic analysis, fan balancing and many others.

ST-1000 series portable LED stroboscopes

  • Wide flash range 60 - 40000 flashes / min. it can be adjusted to suit almost any high-speed application
  • Easy control of operations
  • Flash speed memory button: 10 user-defined flash speeds for later recovery
  • Function to increase / decrease the value of the flashing speed
  • Coarse / fine tuning button
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