SCAN-TT measuring systems

Measurement systems for thickness and width of moving flat materials directly on the production line

RODER SRL offers the new series of SCAN-TT systems for the measurement of thickness and width in production line.

Suitable for real-time measurement of thickness and width: strips, laminates, extrusions, strips, calendered, plates, profiles and discrete or continuous flat products.

The SCANT-TT family represents the natural evolution of a series of sensors, systems and software developed initially to meet particular measurement needs (custom systems made specifically for particular production needs) and subsequently engineered and standardized to become a tested and reliable product available in various production sectors and adaptable to any production or quality control requirement.

The SCANT-TT family is composed of a series of hardware components, software, measuring instruments, mechanical structures and distributed acquisition platforms specially developed for the industrial production environment but can also be successfully used in the metrological laboratory.

The considerable experience accumulated in the field by our company and the use of proprietary technologies specifically developed for this type of application has allowed us to constantly improve the performance of systems for measuring thickness and width.

The SCAN-TT family is made up of several modular components intended to form a complete system for measuring thickness and / or width of continuous or discreet flat products.

The use of laser-like sources allows to make thickness and width measurements without contact directly on the material in transit on the production line.

THEabsence of physical contact between measuring instrument and product to be measured entails a series of advantages including:

   Possibility to measure moving objects, even at high speeds or with strong vibrations.

   Possibility to measure easily deformable objects such as rubber, fabrics, foams, etc.

   Ability to acquire a large number of samples per unit of time (even 5000 samples per second).

   No long-term wear of the measuring instrument.

   Possibility of automatic piece marking with classification of the tolerance class or with references to the management system (lot, selection, customer)

   Island control software that can also manage any automatic system adjustments.

   No trace left by the measuring instrument on delicate or easily perishable surfaces.