Measurement systems CHECK-ISL

Robotic control islands for the inspection of mechanical parts with picking and unloading directly on the production line

RODER SRL proposes the new series of CHECK-ISL robotic systems for the automatic measurement in the production line of dimensional quantities, geometric and visual parameters.

The CHECK-ISL family represents the natural evolution of a series of systems developed initially to meet particular measurement needs (custom systems made specifically for particular production needs) and subsequently engineered and standardized to become a tested and reliable system available in various production sectors and adaptable to any production or quality control requirement.

The CHECK-ISL family is composed of a series of hardware components, software, measuring instruments and mechanical structures specially developed for the measurement of dimensional quantities, geometric characteristics, physical quantities and visual aspects directly on the production line.

The considerable experience accumulated in the field and the use of proprietary technologies specially developed by RODER SRL has made it possible to constantly improve the performance of these automatic systems.

RODER SRL is able to supply not only the sensors for the measurement but also the whole acquisition system, the electronic control and signal conditioning boards, the automatic Pick & palce system, the software for data analysis, for the cleaning and protection of the sensors, the mechanical support frames and finally all the consultancy necessary to arrive at the real solution of the measurement problem. 

Our technical office is able to follow the application starting from the first definition of the specifications up to commissioning, staff training and periodic maintenance of the systems in the production line.

Typical applications are the control of:

  • Hardness
  • Roughness
  • diameters
  • Planarity
  • profiles
  • thicknesses
  • Distances
  • Length
  • Depth
  • Center distances
  • Deformation
  • Visual defects
  • Integrity
  • Text control (OCR)

Strengths of the CHECK-ISL system

    Automatic removal of the part directly on the production line through the use of a Pick & Place or a robot.

   Reduced cycle times and high reliability in handling even complex or heavy parts.

   Measurement of the physical, geometric or dimensional characteristics of the part in a completely automatic way.

   Automatic waste management with separation from the production flow.

   Possibility of automatic piece marking with classification of the tolerance class or with references to the management system (lot, selection, customer)

   Island control software that can also manage any automatic system adjustments.

   Stand-alone platform complete with perimeter security and integrated electrical panel

   Easy to install and usable even by non-expert personnel