Measurement of the torque and tearing of the cap of bottles, bottles, jars both in screwing and unscrewing

Measurement of the torque of caps both in closing and in opening

Easy to use both on the machine and in the metrology laboratory

Measurement of the torque peak for control of the tear point and the yield point of the thread

Applications on bottles, flacons, jars, vials and tanks

Torque gauges for caps for measuring the tightening torque, both during screwing and unscrewing, of bottle caps, drums, containers, jars, bottles, containers and jerry cans.

Torque tester for caps to measure the tightening torque, both during screwing and unscrewing, of bottle caps, drums, containers, jars, bottles, receptacles and jerry cans.

The cap torque transducers of the CAP-TT01 series are designed with the aim of measuring the screwing and removal torque of caps up to 11,5 Nm (100 lbFin).

Adjustable supports efficiently hold a wide range of container shapes and sizes, while optional flat and adjustable jaws are available for special profiles. The robust aluminum design and the simple and intuitive use allow the use in the laboratory and in production environments even by non-expert personnel.

The accuracy of ± 0,3% of the full scale and the incredibly fast sampling rate of 7.000 Hz guarantee precise and reliable test results, even in fast-acting applications.

The cap torque transducers of the CAP-TT01 family include a range of sophisticated production control support functions, including USB communication port, RS-232 port, Digimatic Mitutoyo interface, analog outputs, reset when the cap is removed, memory for 1.000 readings, indicators and good / reject outputs.

One is also available password protection to avoid unauthorized changes to settings and calibration.

CAP-TT01 cap torque transducers include MESUR Lite data acquisition software.

MESUR Lite groups data in continuous or single point mode. The data stored in the CAP-TT01 memory can also be downloaded in a single block. The export of the detected data to Excel allows further analysis of the data and the generation of measurement reports.


Measure the torque when screwing or unscrewing caps of bottles, flacons, jars, tanks.

Store the maximum torque value during unscrewing (maximum effort to open the bottle) or memorize the maximum torque value when tearing the thread.


The use of the torque transducers for caps proposed by RODER allows the measurement of the torque for caps of bottles and flacons by placing the bottle on a surface where a torque transducer is installed.

When the operator unscrews or screws the cap, the torque cell measures the torque profile at high speed. The maximum torque data can be shown on the display or can be viewed in the form of a graph through an external software.

For this type of application it is possible to use the torque transducers for caps of the CAP-TT01 family.

The cap torque transducers of the CAP-TT01 family are bench torque transducers with a base for fixing the bottle. The front display and the easy programming of the instrument functions make this product suitable not only for use in the metrology laboratory but also on the production line or when accepting materials.

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