DIACHECK measuring instruments for internal diameter measurements

Measuring instruments with LVDT transducers for diameter, ovality, taper and concentricity measurements of internal diameters. Measuring instruments for use on manual, semi-automatic and automatic measuring benches.

  • Custom measuring pads for precision measurements of internal diameters, ovality, taper and concentricity.
  • Multilevel diameter, ovality, concentricity and taper measurement with a single tool and with a single positioning operation.
  • Measurements of bearing seats, cylinder liners, internal diameters of gears, counterbore and driving seats, ground tubes and precision holes.
  • Measurement survey with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic positioning on robotic production lines.

Measurement of diameter and taper

The measuring instruments for internal diameters allow the measurement in a single operation of internal diameters, ovalizations, tapers and concentricity.

The new range of RODER DIACHECK series measuring pads allow the measurement of internal diameters of cylindrical parts such as bearing seats, precision counterbore, seats for driving gears.

The DIACHECK series of pads is made up of customized mechanics to accommodate a large number of measurement transducers.

This feature allows the creation of measuring instruments with the possibility of measuring a very large number of dimensional and geometric characteristics in a single operation.

With a single measurement operation it is possible to detect:

  • Upper section diameter 0 °
  • Upper section diameter 90 °
  • Ovalization of the diameter in the upper section
  • Bottom section diameter 0 °
  • Bottom section diameter 90 °
  • Ovalization of the diameter in the lower section
  • Taper of the upper section with respect to the lower section
  • Concentricity of the upper section with respect to the lower section

Measurement stations

control station PCL1208 RODER embedded system for quality control

The PCL1208 control station allows data acquisition and display of the control result.

The visualization takes place on a display with built-in touch screen which also allows the programming of control recipes and the management of any interfaces with the production system.

The PCL1208 control station can be easily integrated into Industry 4.0 systems and can be connected to PLC, HMI and SCADA through Profinet, Profibus, Ethercat, Canbus or Ethernet IP interfaces.

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