Automatic optical systems for measuring the width of flat products, sheets of paper, cardboard and films

Profile detection of printed, sheared or punched paper details with extraction of geometric or dimensional information

Measure of angles, distances, openings, positions to verify the correct execution of the workings or as preparation for assembly operations

Comparison with the mathematical model for the determination of controlling shares

Applications on robotic islands, on Cartesian axes or on automatic assembly islands

Measuring machine capable of detecting the width of paper sheets or layers without contact
of easily deformable material (polypropylene sheets for food use, paper
absorbent or filter, sheets of thin foam material). The system is capable of measuring
up to 10 sheets at the same time and is able to compensate automatically
any misalignment of the sample with respect to the measuring axis of the camera (in
this way the operator is not bound to the correct positioning of the sample on the
measurement table). The system is capable of measuring the samples under test and of
compare them with the theoretical values ​​of the production specifications. All data is then transferred to the
production database for complete traceability of production batches. The system is
designed to work directly on the production line and is equipped with a
temperature and humidity for complete documentation of environmental conditions
during measurement cycles.

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