Visual inspection of miniaturized components with artificial vision systems and compact LED illuminators

Detection of defects and dimensional characteristics on small details using artificial vision systems and image processing algorithms

Use of compact LED illuminators with continuous or pulsed operating mode.

Real-time detection of the presence of defective parts or parts with aesthetic characteristics that do not comply with the production specifications.

Applications on rotary tables, carpets for continuous transport, automatic assembly machines and test benches.

The miniaturization of industrial components and the high reliability of production processes require ever more efficient, compact and flexible quality control and selection systems.

Camera-based machine vision, artificial intelligence and intelligent image processing algorithms enable real-time determination of aesthetic, functional or dimensional characteristics industrial components that once assembled make up more complex apparatuses.

The new compact LED illuminators of the DC3M series allow the design of compact vision systems based on industrial cameras. The DC3M series illuminators are designed for integration into industrial division systems and optical test benches where compactness of the light source, high brightness of the light beam and concentration of light in a precise point of observation of the component are required.

Typical applications are high-speed control on rotary tables, robot guidance, analysis of small parts such as electrical connectors, electronic components, miniature gears, small parts, fasteners and assembly elements.


Many industrial applications require the use of very compact light sources that can be easily installed in small spaces. At the same time, high brightness is also required to ensure very low exposure times and high image quality. The DC3M series of LED illuminators has been specially designed for this type of applications.

Lighting plays a vital role in capturing the high quality images needed for successful computer vision solutions. Different parts and inspection tasks have different requirements for lighting. Many electronic image processing applications may require very compact light sources with high light output.

Lighting is one of the most critical elements in a vision system and is in fact essential to obtain stable and repeatable results. Incorrect lighting can result in extensive and time-consuming image processing or, at worst, crucial information loss.

The new DL3M family is the latest family of compact LED illuminators for vision systems and optical test benches.

DC3M LED Illuminators are available in different wavelengths to meet different application needs.

Designed with the latest generation of high flux LEDs, the DL3M is an ultra low cost, high performance illuminator.

Typical applications are camera-based optical inspection systems, manual test rigs or robotic systems (e.g. robot guidance) or non-destructive quality control.

The DL3M LED lighter can be stroboscopic (e.g. with and over the current driver) or remotely controlled. Multiple LEDs can be mounted on a single illuminator to increase the output intensity.

The new DL3M LED lighter is designed for implementation in various designs including bar, ring, matrix and small backlight.

RODER LED illuminators

RODER designs and develops LED lights that can be used for a variety of industrial and vision applications, such as inspection, testing, robot control and quality control. The LED lighting heads are characterized by superior light intensity and homogeneous illumination combined with a long service life. The RODER product family is highly modular and is used in various combinations to optimize lighting.

All modules, light heads and controllers are made for industrial applications. For this reason they are built in solid aluminum housings. All lights can be used in either continuous, switching or strobe mode. The lights are sturdy, small in size and easy to install. Just connect the light head to a RODER controller or driver and the light intensity will be 100% by default.

Products used in this application

DL3M miniature LED lighter for vision systems and optical inspection

DL3M Series

  • Compact LED illuminators
  • High brightness LED source
  • With or without diffuser glass
  • With or without lens

optical filters for cameras in artificial vision systems

Optical filters

  • Optical filters for industrial cameras
  • Ability to select a specific wavelength
  • Elimination of optical disturbances or ambient light

Vision check artificial vision system for industrial automation and quality control

Processing system for industrial cameras

  • Control stations with industrial computer
  • Embedded systems for processing and image processing
  • Interfacing to production lines and automatic machines

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