DL1 series LED illuminators for vision systems and optical inspection benches

LED lighting is a technology that is becoming increasingly important in machine vision systems.

LED lights are very efficient, economical and reliable, and can be used to illuminate specific areas in an environment with precision.

Plus, LEDs are more durable than other traditional light sources, so you won't have to worry about replacing bulbs every year.

One way LEDs are used in computer vision is to create a strobe light.

This type of illumination can be used to allow you to control the speed of the process and identify objects or parts of interest within the image.

The use of strobe light also offers the possibility of detecting invisible defects during the production process and measuring their dimensions with precision.

Modern machine vision systems often combine LED illumination with high-resolution sensors such as linear industrial cameras, infrared cameras or high-speed cameras.

They can also incorporate advanced equipment such as lenses and objectives that provide sharp images from various angles without the need for mechanical handling of the device.

Additionally, this technology can be used in conjunction with digital image processing and artificial intelligence (AI) to support skilled applications such as manufacturing accounting or predictive maintenance in a modern Industry 4.0 environment.

Vision systems play a crucial role in modern industry. On the one hand, they allow companies to control the quality of their products and to optimize complex processes such as industrial and logistic ones.

On the other hand, vision systems support advanced applications such as Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence (AI), image processing (IP) and so on.

As a result, it's no surprise that companies come looking for innovative and technologically advanced solutions to make the most of their vision systems.

LED illuminators are a great example of such innovative solutions: this technology is now widely used in industries such as automotive and electronics, where it is essential to control the product in terms of quality and precision.

LED illuminators offer advantages over other types of lighting traditionally used in this sector: first of all, longer life and more stable performance. In addition, the LED illuminators have very fast turn-on times, making them ideally suited for industrial linear and 3D cameras that require minimal time for measuring and processing the images acquired in rapid mode.

Another commonly used method in industrial vision is strobe lighting – also known as flash lighting – which is mainly used to instantly identify defects on objects thanks to the particular configuration of the light emitted by this type of semiconductor lamp.

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LED vision illuminators are devices used in factory automation and machine vision applications that provide uniform, well-balanced light throughout the scene.

LED technology is one of the most advanced in existence, providing high brightness lighting with low energy consumption and with the possibility of adjusting the color of the light.

LED illuminators also offer greater thermal stability, allowing these devices to operate in extreme conditions and at high temperatures.

LED Vision Illuminators are specifically designed to provide optimal illumination within the camera's field of view.

These light sources are available in a variety of colors including white, red, green and blue and can be easily dimmed remotely to change the hue of the light depending on the needs of the application.

LED illuminators have many advantages over traditional artificial light sources. First of all, being very energy efficient, they allow to reduce the overall costs of industrial operation or visual monitoring.

Furthermore, LED illuminators are available in different forms as recessed lamps or portable units that can be easily installed within industrialized structures and integrated into existing plant engineering without having to modify production lines.

LED lighting systems are an important component of the operation of vision systems, and their technology, use and installation are of great importance for maintaining the correct functioning of the machine.

The quality of the lighting is essential for the quality and efficiency of the system. LEDs offer very high brightness and highly reliable performance, with low temperatures and fast execution.

In machine vision applications and factory automation, LED illuminators offer considerable flexibility in illuminating the objects scanned by the system. Thanks to their small size, they can be positioned to create a constant lighting pattern over the entire surface of the object. Furthermore, due to the very low energy consumption that LEDs have compared to other types of lighting, they are particularly suitable for industrial environments that have to manage large production volumes with very long cycles.

LED illuminators are also perfect for situations where interference between different devices must be avoided: for example when it is necessary to separate different illuminated areas by different partitions on the same piece.

LED machine vision lighting systems have become an essential component in machine vision and industrial automation applications. LED illuminators offer many advantages over traditional lights, including greater accuracy and quality in the image. This is due to their high brightness, lower energy content and longer life of the light source. An LED illuminator can be placed directly on the object to be inspected or on any sensitive component that requires illumination, providing a coherent beam of light for accurate measurement.

LED illuminators can be used for even the most demanding applications thanks to a wide range of features: customizable design, intelligent device surface temperature control, integrated over-voltage/over-current protection, ultra-slim wide angles and high luminous performance.

The illuminator can be customized with different shell sizes and shapes according to the type of project required. This would make it easy to build the final product without having to modify the original hardware. In addition, all RODER models are equipped with CE-certified drivers for the correct operation of electrical appliances and fire-resistant self-extinguishing structures to ensure constant operation in harsh conditions.