REDAM display systems

RODER SRL offers a new series of REDAM systems for the real-time display of production data and process parameters.

Display of production indexes
Display of statistical parameters (Sigma, Cp, Cpk, Cm, Cm, Cmk)
Trend visualization process
Visualization of Gaussian distributions
Display of histograms
Display of control cards
The REDAM family represents the natural evolution of a series of systems and software developed initially to meet particular measurement needs (made to measure systems made to measure for particular production needs) and subsequently engineered and standardized to become a tested and reliable product, achievable in different production sectors and adaptable to any production or quality control requirement.

The REDAM family is made up of a series of hardware, software, measuring instruments and mechanical structures specially developed for the measurement of thicknesses and widths of products in the production line and in the metrology laboratory.

The wide experience in the sector and the use of proprietary technologies specially developed by RODER SRL have allowed us to constantly improve the performance of systems for data acquisition and process analysis in real time.

RODER SRL is now able to supply not only the sensors for the measurement but also the entire acquisition system, the electronic control and signal conditioning boards, the automatic sensor displacement system, the software for data analysis, the systems for cleaning and protecting the sensors, the support of the mechanical frames and finally all the necessary advice to arrive at a real solution to the measurement problem.