Check of integrity, shape and size of caps on the production line

High speed cap control directly on the production line

Automatic rejection and classification of rejects according to different types of defects

Detection of ovalization, deficiencies, contaminations, defects in shape, burrs, aesthetic anomalies or non-compliant printing

The new systems of the VISION CHECK K2000 series integrate a powerful artificial vision system, based on the latest generation image processing algorithms, a touch screen video interface and all the electronics necessary for interfacing with the production line or for the remote control through fieldbus or standard I / O.

"All in one" artificial vision system for quality control in the production line, on automatic machines and customized test benches

The powerful functions made available by the control station allow you to carry out both operations visual inspection what operations of dimensional and geometric control.

The PCL2315 control station is equipped with a latest generation industrial controller capable of processing the images acquired in real time, generating the response of the control in a few milliseconds.

The possibility of connecting latest generation cameras with very high detection speed, the possibility of personalizing the lighting system and the complete configurability of the acquisition software and processing allows a very high system flexibility, guaranteeing the possibility to face all the problems of industrial control with a single artificial vision system.

Typical applications

  • Vision systems for installation on production lines and automatic assembly machines.
  • Dimensional and geometric control on the production line
  • Visual defect check and product aesthetic check.
  • vision control on a turntable islands, robotic islands, transport ribbons, Cartesian manipulators or on semi-automatic inspection counters.
  • Real-time ROBOT guidance, automatic process control, automatic machine adjustment feedback.
  • Check presence / absence of parts on automatic assembly machines and check correct assembly.


  • All-in-one system that integrates acquisition, processing, visualization and control in a single control place.
  • Management of up to 4 cameras with intelligent with high speed connection.
  • Intuitive and easy to use video touch screen interface, designed for use even by untrained personnel.
  • Possibility of connection with fieldbus (Profinet, EtherCAT, Modbus).
  • Ethernet network connection for data exchange with management IT systems.
  • Remote production recipe programming and connection with external management databases.

application examples

Check the continuity of the edge and check for defects or deficiencies on the edge of the cap

Shape control with measurement and detection of abnormally shaped conditions, excessive ovalization or the presence of clews.

Detection of stains and contaminants on the external and internal surface of the cap

Control of shape and concentricity of the internal gasket or of assembled parts of the cap

Checking the external profile of the cap and detecting the presence of burrs or deficiencies

Recognition of numbers, writings, logos, expiration dates

Control of surface defects and contaminants inside threads or uneven surfaces

Color detection and discrimination of color variations

Form control and detection of profile irregularities or reliefs


The control station used in the VISION CHECK K2000 series systems is built to work in an industrial environment. It is equipped with precautions and construction techniques for a long-term operational life even in harsh environments or production situations with difficult environmental characteristics.

15 inch monitor with industrial touch screen (*)

Industrial monitor with touch screen control. High brightness and contrast. Suitable for industrial environments and for applications where high reliability and durability are required. The monitor is mounted on a stand independent of the internal controller and unlike traditional panel PCs, it is easily and quickly replaceable in case of damage.

LED flasher

Anomaly detector with high brightness LED flashing light. As an option it is also possible to equip the control station with an acoustic siren. The flashing light function can be customized and can manage both warning and alarm conditions.

Tilting support

Tilting mechanical support for adjusting the inclination of the monitor and the controls (possibility of being installed on a table or on a pulpit or on a shelf). Option for connection to swinging arms and overhead control pulpits.

Standard display and control interfaces

The system is based on an industrial embedded controller. So in case of a temporary malfunction of the touch screen or you can temporarily use a keyboard, a mouse, or an office monitor. This solution allows you to continue production even in the event of a temporary malfunction of the original interfaces.

Intuitive software developed for machine operators

The software installed on board the VISION CHECK K2000 has been specially developed for industrial production applications. The main functions have been collected in easy-to-read synoptics with intuitive screens that can also be managed by non-expert personnel.

Front push button (*)

Front push-button panel for controlling the main system functions without touching the touch screen monitor (cycle start, cycle stop, fault reset, emergency). The operator can therefore also operate with gloves or in the presence of liquid contaminants. The front buttons can also house an emergency button to be connected to the central control panel of the system.

Removable SSD (*)

Removable SSD for quick and easy commissioning in case of changes or malfunction. The embedded PC has two different SSD slots and it is possible to manage both periodic backups and duplication of running programs.

Integrated PLC

Integrated PLC for the management of local I / O signals or for the connection to existing production lines and electrical panels. Possibility to manage local command peripherals such as pedals, remote push-button panels, light towers or acoustic signaling devices.

Industrial container in painted aluminum

Painted aluminum container with safety lock for access only to authorized personnel. The container is complete with gaskets that allow the use of the control station even in particularly dusty environments or in the presence of environmental contaminants.

(*) Features may vary based on configuration and customizations. Contact our sales office to find out all the configurations in detail.

Industry 4.0 connectivity and performance

Ethenet connectivity

The VISION CHECK 2000 control stations can be connected to any Ethernet network system for the production data exchange, the sharing of test results, the programming of control recipes or customized reports.

Connection with EtherCAT fieldbus

The systems of the VISION CHECK 2000 family can be connected to EtherCAT fieldbus for data exchange and remote management of the synchronization operations of the vision process.

Connection with MODBUS fieldbus (*)

The systems of the VISION CHECK 2000 family can be connected to MODBUS fieldbus for data exchange and remote management of the synchronization operations of the vision process.

High performance processors (*)

The VISION CHECK 2000 series workstations integrate the latest generation of Intel i5 and i7 family processors and embedded controllers. The programming of the processors takes place using the most modern multi-threading techniques on the market.

PoE connection of vision devices

All the image acquisition peripherals (matrix and linear cameras, profile sensors and LASER scanners) are powered by Power Over Ethernet or equivalent technologies. This minimizes the connection cables and facilitates maintenance or operational changes.

Connection with PROFINET fieldbus

The systems of the VISION CHECK 2000 family can be connected to PROFINET fieldbus for data exchange and remote management of the synchronization operations of the vision process.

Remote remote assistance (*)

The systems of the VISION CHECK 2000 family can be connected remotely with the help of Team Viewer technology. The RODER support team can guarantee a quick and timely modification of the operating conditions of the system even remotely.

Windows Embedded Technology (*)

The VISION CHECK 2000 series control stations are based on the most modern processing technologies based on Windows Embedded.

(*) Features may vary based on configuration and customizations. Contact our sales office to find out all the configurations in detail.

Connection to management databases

The VISION CHECK K2000 series systems can be connected to the most common management databases. The connection with the company databases allows the exchange of information regarding production batches, production times, waste percentages and plant productivity indices.

Accessories and customizations

A wide range of accessories complete the systems of the VISION CHECK K2000 series.

  • LED illuminators for matrix cameras both in backlight and front light mode.
  • LED illuminators for linear cameras both in backlight and front light mode
  • Connection cables
  • Optical filters and diffusers

Special customized systems

Do you need a "turnkey" system?

RODER is also able to offer and supply the complete system of customized mechanics, electrical panels, pneumatic systems and all the assistance necessary for commissioning and staff training.